vibro sieve



Vibro Sieve is used to separate elements from unwanted materials. This sieve machine is very handy for grading, sieving. Most importantly, This products are used in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food & spices, paint, pigment, cosmetic, ceramics, animal feed, fertilizers, minerals, metal powders and more.

It is used to break up clumps in dry ingredients like flour in cooking. A strainer is a specific form of sieve that is used to separate solid from liquid.

The demand of this product have sky-rocketed due only to their ever-increasing requirements. Made with highly advanced and innovative technologies, modern sieve make the task of screening or sieving materials ultra-simple.

Shakti Engineering Works is one of the most esteemed manufacturers, supplier & exporter of vibro sieves. With industry-first technologies and remarkably significant design to make the task of screening more convenient than ever before, these vibro product have won over customers from all over the world.

Manufactured from premium stainless steel materials, these vibro sieve are robust and have a pretty strong build-up. They require very low maintenance unlike other ordinary sifters.

The sieves manufactured by Shakti Engineering are durable. They don’t require much space. The best thing about these products is that their parts can easily be removed and replaced for maintenance. We supplies this product to both national and international customers. The unique design and maximum output are the USP of these vibro sieves.